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Justice Through Technology

Our technology removes barriers that stand in the way of fair and swift legal proceedings, enabling due process for all.

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Connected Justice Addresses Today's Challenges

We equip courtrooms with the latest technology to help them serve their vital role with greater efficiency, security and equality.

Video & Audio Features

  • Precision Audio Microphones
  • Encrypted Video/Audio Archiving
  • Courtroom Acoustical Surveys
  • Wireless Encrypted Microphones
  • Directional Speaker Placement
  • HD Audio Headsets
  • Multi-Track Digital Recording
  • Echo-Noise Cancellation
  • Courtroom Sound Remediation
  • AV Equipment Integration
  • Video over IP Solutions
  • Digital Signage
  • Video Distribution & Device Control
  • Remote Witness Testimony
  • Videoconferencing
  • Video Arraignment

Platform Features

  • Technology Compatibility
  • Third-Party Auditing of Controls
  • Unified Support Desk
  • Delivered Within The Cloud
  • Utilizes Open Standards
  • Customizable to Suit Your Needs
  • All Solutions Delivered As Monthly Subscription Service

Interpreting Features

  • Qualified & Accredited Linguists
  • Ability to Coach Translators
  • Reporting of Resource Utilization
  • Human Resource Management
  • Management of Interpreters & Qualifications
  • On-Demand & Scheduled Interpretation

How Connected Justice Can Help


Expedite Cases

The courtroom is no longer isolated to in-house resources that may or may not be available. An accredited marketplace for courtroom interpretation and translation resources has been created. This marketplace is governed by your rules for access and is always on-demand. There is no need to sacrifice quality or convenience with less qualified interpreters from other sources.

Transform the Courtroom

Connected Justice transforms the court recording environments with scalable, enterprise-level solutions that remove the burden of slow turnaround times associated with expensive, poorly integrated offline processes. We provide the ability to move recordings into the digital domain, while safely storing and authorizing their review.

Build Trust

The ultimate technology goal of any courtroom setting is proven video and audio technologies all working together as they should. Connected Justice offers industry professionals that implement and tune for exact courtroom specifications. The result is complete compatibility enabling a trusted outcome for every proceeding.


Reduce Costs

By delivering services and hardware as a monthly service, upfront costs are eliminated. Since service and support are included with monthly service subscriptions, time and costs associated with routine maintenance are eliminated. A predictable monthly spend empowers budgeting.

Operational Quality

Connected Justice is both a cloud provider and systems integrator, allowing for a single entity to manage and maintain the communications platform and associated technologies. Automation and self-provisioning reduces system administration costs associated with managing infrastructure while ensuring operational quality.

Promote Equality and Education

The Connected Justice platform allows for real-time coaching of linguistic professionals. The marketplace technology allows training, coaching, supervising, recruiting and feedback to interpretation professionals wherever they are. A low cost point of entry allows for greater numbers of participants to create an equal opportunity marketplace.


Decrease Travel

By utilizing a standard internet connection via PC or Mac, linguistic professionals can login and participate in the Connected Justice marketplace. Eliminating expensive, unnecessary travel allows interpreters to focus more on their interpreting responsibilities by reducing distractions and stressors related to commuting. Flexibility is realized by eradicating the need to own a car or have access to transportation.

Increased Opportunities/Productivity

Less time traveling and the ability to work outside of local court means more time to dedicate to interpreting and additional opportunities. For example, pursuing court-interpreting certifications in other states will increase your revenue earning potential. Also, access to a multi-jurisdiction marketplace will enable your professional interpretation skills to be utilized more frequently, especially in underserved markets that lack local resources.

Improved Education

Through the guidance of the Connected Justice administrators, linguistic professionals will receive coaching toward accreditations and certifications that will enhance their marketability. The coaching will enhance their on the job performance, resulting in a higher demand for their linguistic skill sets.

Partners in Justice

We connect people who have the skills to promote justice and leverage a robust technology platform.


Professional Audio Networking

Providing audio networking solutions for PC based and standalone applications


Products, Software & Routing

The Cisco Connected Justice solution provides a unified network platform to automate justice workflow, removing the barriers between systems and facilitating the transfer of information.

For The Record

Recording & Transcription

FTR assists courts around the world in creating and delivering digital court records while introducing recording quality improvements and process efficiencies for predictable courtroom outcomes.



GLOBO combines smart technology and best-in-class linguists to deliver a suite of multichannel, human translation services in over 250 languages.


Premier Audio and Video Solutions

Trusted and proven secure solutions for the justice market. The Harman Professional portfolio includes AKG, AMX, BSS, Crown and JBL Professional.


Unified Communications Solutions

Simplify how customers connect, communicate and collaborate with their fellow employees, vendors, partners and customers, while improving their productivity and streamlining how their business operates.


Recording Devices

Audio, software solutions, and services for communications devices in the personal, enterprise, and judicial space.


Quality Audio

Audio conferencing solutions that enable the most reliable and natural conversation in every meeting environment.

Revolutionary Text

Remote Real-Time Reporters

RevolutionaryText improves judicial efficiency by delivering verbatim transcripts in real time utilizing vetted stenographic reporters within a secure environment.


Secure Cisco Powered Cloud

A secure cloud platform providing collaboration technologies that empower remote judicial voice, video and interpretation services.

William's Sound

Wireless Communication Technology

Providing wireless listening solutions for hearing assistance, language interpretation and effective communication in today's courtroom.

The Foundation For a Judicial Platform

The network is the foundation of the Connected Justice marketplace. From here we add on the highest quality video and audio components combined with multi-channel recording technologies. The entire solution is monitored 24/7 and tested daily to ensure operational health.

End-To-End Solution

End-To-End Solution

From capturing the first breath spoken to the software that records every word, Connected Justice is there. Our unique solutions provide the entire gamut of video and audio capture within the courtroom. All technologies are compatible and work seamlessly together.

Purchase As A Service

End-To-End Solution

IT budgets and capital expenditures are decreasing while requests for translation services are rising. Qualified operators who are experts in their domain have bundled their services, hardware, and subscriptions into a single monthly payment— providing a pure OPEX purchasing model in one place.

On-Demand Marketplace

End-To-End Solution

An equal opportunity linguistic marketplace providing on-demand bullseye resource accuracy. Connected Justice partners are loaded within our precision queuing: a combination of steps that include attributes, defined terms for the selected attributes, wait times and consider-if formulas.

List of Testimonials

  • With the video solution, the sky is the limit. Everything is positive. I see no downside. There is no end to what you can do with this technology. It is easy to use, and it is very intuitive. It is reliable. It is rare that we have any technical issues and, when we do, we just need to reboot the system. It is perfect equipment in my opinion.

  • We have also instituted an e-warrant program that is pretty slick. We gave the judges the same capability, so now they can do real-time warrants. That has been huge.

  • We’re doing more than 99 percent of re-arraignments over video. There’s no simple way to calculate the savings, but common sense says it’s got to be cheaper than moving 700 prisoners a month.

  • The HD technology gives us the ability to answer any questions our San Antonio constituents might have, and give clear, concise information from the judges themselves.

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